Welcome to SooriyaArt.com the official website of Copper Artist Sooriya Kumar.

The website showcases the copper artworks of Sooriya Kumar, master copper artist from Sri Lanka.


Sooriya Kumar - Master Copper Artist

Sooriya Kumar – Master Copper Artist

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good morning, We all had a great time on your ranch/farm last night.Would like to see everything in daylight. ? Thank you for your kindness, Ben’s brother-in-law Glyn & wife Malissa ( lady with cane). Have a beautiful day.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful evening with you and Amalia, Rich and Rosalyn, and your other guests from San Francisco last week. We so appreciate and enjoy your art at the Comp Center, and your farm is a natural extension of that art. You are truly an exceptionally blessed artist. See you on our next trip. Please give our regards to Amalia.
    Much Aloha.
    Michael Tweedell

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you today (4/30/15) at Hawaii Chemical & Scientific and learning about your art. Look forward to enjoying the art you produce. Also learning more about Mouna Farms – Arts & Culture Related.

  4. Hello Sooriya
    here is Walter from Hamburg long time not hear from eachother hope you doin fine and things good for you and your family –im planing to to visit Sri Lanka in August sure i will meet old friends from Arugam Bay . Hope i can make it again to come to Hawaii and see you and all other to share good time where in Hawaii you are living now
    Please send you Tel.# so i can call one of this days i know you a bussy Baba
    bom shanka
    best regards

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