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  1. hi Surya, I am an Ishaya teacher visiting Hawaii right now to teach a first sphere next weekend. I would like to invite you to come along.
    also Krishnananda Ishaya says hi, and is wondering if you can make something for him with the 4 Mahavakyas on it… can you please communicate with me and tell me how much
    Manyu Ishaya says hi and wishes you are well.
    if you want to come to the weekend course, please respnd and i can give you the street address…
    peace and infinte love

  2. Greetings from Canada, Sooriya! My beloved friend Gilda Holy who lives in Waianae believes your beautiful home and garden would be perfect for us to have a Divine Love Retreat….a Circle of Light! Gilda also told me you are going home to Sri Lanka within a week’s time, so I wanted to communicate with you before you leave! Do you have a meeting room large enough for a big circle — I guess about 30 – 40 people might possibly come! We are a diverse network of people from Canada, Australia, mainland U.S. and possibly Europe. We are not a church or a religious organization — no dogma!! We do have a spiritual practice of praying for Divine Love and since my husband is a trance medium, the angels come and pray with us and speak to us — they help us with our spiritual progression. We would like to have two prayers each day (approximately 10:00 am and 4:00 pm –with various activities, discussion between the prayers. Gilda also told me you like to cook! And that you are open to people camping! I think many coming from overseas will stay with Gilda or at a hotel. The dates we are considering are from Monday, Nov 28 to Friday, Dec 2. Many thanks for considering our request. I can be reached by Skype Jeanne.fike.1 or mobile: 1 604 202 3646 or email Blessings and gratitude, Jeanne & Al Fike, Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation, Gibsons, B.C. Canada

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